Why only selling your crafts online may damage your craft business success

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There are estimated to be around 30 million online sellers around the world* all clamouring for sales as a result of the huge explosion in the accessibility of the internet coupled with ease & expectation of purchasing 24/7, the increasing professionalism & credibility of sellers, secure online payments, swift delivery & empathetic customer care policies. 

However,  when your products are intuitively created from the heart purposefully designed to stimulate four of the five bodily senses - sight, touch, smell, taste - selling online becomes somewhat ineffective. 

Granted whilst detailed semi-professional photographs and carefully crafted customer oriented descriptions go a long way to igniting potential customers imagination of the product benefits nothing can replace the authenticity and legitimacy of touching, feeling, smelling, tasting & seeing a real, physical product & talking with a real, live seller with a story to tell.

By all means sell your creative products online through websites, blogs, Etsy shops, Ebay or whichever selling platform you choose but remember the influential role that being able to touch, taste, see & smell the product directly brings to potential customers.

#17 Get out and about with your product even if you predominately sell online. 
Nothing can replace being able to touch, feel, smell, taste, use 
and see your product first hand .

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