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I offer creative, craft & handmade business owners a range of marketing & sales advice opportunities. 

My aim is to work with those who are disheartened, frustrated and disappointed with their current business success & equip them with marketing & sales skills, knowledge and techniques. As a result of working with me I aim to transform them into feeling in control, empowered, inspired, rejuvenated and ready to make a go of their creative business.  

1. Did you know you can work 1-2-1 with me on boosting your creative, craft or handmade business? 
And it's free?
For a limited time only I'm offering 10 creative business owners the opportunity for a free 15 minute mini marketing & sales advice session where we'll look at your where you currently are in business & what you'd like your business to be doing for you & we'll get some immediately actionable marketing & sales tips & ideas to help kickstart your business & enable you to move forward with it!

For testimonials from creatives I've worked with see here!

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2. If you're really serious about boosting you're business success let's work on creating your unique, personalised marketing & sales plan which comes with three x 1-2-1 advice sessions generally lasting 1 hour by email/phone/skype. 

Working 1-2-1 together with you enables us to be totally focused on understanding you, your current business situation, your strengths & weaknesses, vision & dreams and identifying the best way forward for you and your business action-wise for you to reach your goals. 

Your personalised plan of action is prepared and presented and will give you clear direction and actions you can implement to bust through your current business blocks. 

You'll receive inspiration, motivation, ideas and professional, qualified and experienced advice to support you achieving the life & business you desire. When you consider how often you've paid a similar price to attend an event or run an advertisement that's brought you absolutely nothing in return, I'm sure you'll appreciate the value of the information you'll receive and how it can transform your business.

See what others have to say about the advice they've received on my testimonials page. 

This is by far my most popular & effective service. I've helped hundreds of creatives over the years & the return you'll get on your investment can be many times more!  It doesn't matter what stage you're currently at or what type of creative business you are or where in the world you are - your structured plan of action will give you a purposeful & enlightened feeling that once again you're in control of your creative destiny and you know what you're doing & where to focus your time and efforts.

Purchase your 1-2-1 advice sessions & personalised plan today - just £299!


3. I've written a super simple, quick & inexpensive e-guide to 'Marketing Creatively: 50 marketing ideas for creative growth & success' - you can purchase your copy from Amazon here. I promise there will be ideas in there you can action today! 

In addition ... 

4. I publish new marketing & sales ideas here on the blog  - my advice is super simple, quick to action, inexpensive, up to date and professional - keep checking back for updates!

5. If you're on Facebook (and if you're in business with your creativity then you should be!) then head over to my Marketing Creatively Facebook page  for daily updates including information, advice, ideas, support, inspiration & discussions - don't forget to like & follow the page to keep it in your news feed!

6. I host the Creative Craft Entrepreneurs facegroup forum group which gives you another great free opportunity to exchange views & experiences, network and discuss with other creatives on a similar journey - we've 1200 + members now so we're a lively, engaging & interactive fun bunch to hang out with!