The #1 secret to writing your craft business blog, website & social media copy

SuccessSpark#12 Free marketing tips for creative business growth & success

Like you, I read hundreds of articles, blog posts, research notes, new information & media news every week. 

Some of them are a very quick read as they turn me off within the first line or two despite a impactful headline. Want to know why? 

Because the content has been written in a manner and style that does not convey warmth, sincerity, friendliness, personality & interest in me as a reader nor what I want to know and the way I wish to hear it. 

Information in written & verbal form needs to desirably be in harmony with the reader, appeal to their nature and style and be entertaining, informative, interesting & enlightening in order to deserve full attention. 

Write some copy today and ask for feedback from a friend - and let us know what they say!

#12 Write blog posts, website content and social media status updates 
as though you are talking to a FRIEND 

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