How eating cake creates loyal & engaged craft business blog & website readers

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I love cake. I'd happily eat cake most of the time. However there are days when cake just isn't as appealing to me. I fancy something a little different. Doesn't mean I don't like cake anymore. Just want to expand my horizons & have a taste of something else. Like biscuits ;) 

Still needs to be sweet, still related, still ringing the same bells. Just a little different.

c. Lisa Barton

Your readers/fans/likers/followers are no different. They love what you create, produce & serve to them. It's just sometimes they'll probably be appreciative of something a little different. Still on a similar palette, just a different texture or taste. 

Expand your horizons and serve them up a different range of flavours from time to time to keep them sweet.
#15 Identify what your readers/likers/followers appreciate content wise 
the create it, find it & share it with them. Sharing = caring 

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