Creative business marketing - free marketing tips & advice to help your creative business grow & succeed

I'm guessing, as you find yourself here, that you're looking for some easy to understand, realistic, non-tech, simple, actionable, affordable, practical, professional & specialist marketing advice specifically to help grow & promote your creative, craft, handmade or artisan business. Oh and quite possibly as you want to outshine your competition and wow your audience and customers right? ;)

So rest assured, you've come to the right place whether it's for  ...
  • looking for new ideas to get your name about & attract some new customers 
  • wishing to increase your business visibility & presence on and off line
  • raising awareness of your product or service
  • wanting to understand how to use social media to promote your business
  • building or updating a blog, website or online craft/creative shop
  • researching your target market & understanding your customer better
  • building a new craft or creative business from scratch
  • communicating effectively with your customers 
  • creating products customers love that will easily sell
How do I know I can trust Creative Craft Marketing?

Creative Craft Marketing is owned and run by me, Lisa Barton. I'm a professional, qualified and experienced marketeer of 25 years standing and am proud of my UK Chartered Institute of Marketing's Diploma in Marketing and for being one of the first UK Chartered Marketers back in the 1990's (eek!)

My marketing career spans two decades of work in both the private and public sectors marketing for clients in education, publishing, local government, medical & veterinary, construction, logistics, infrastructure, childcare, telecommunications, travel, manufacturing as well as consultancy & FTSE 100 companies both in the UK and USA. 

To further complement my craft & creative marketing specialisms I also hold post graduate qualifications in business, management and finance with a special interest in entrepreneurship, personal growth, motivation & coaching. And in my spare time, I'm also a wife and mother of four (yes four!) young girls ;)

For the past 5 years I've also been following my creative & crafting passions and running two online craft & creative businesses at & I've written over 700 daily blog posts including free tutorials, craft business tips, special offers & videos and welcomed over 100,000 page views with daily growing subscriber lists in just one year. 

So I've already been working hard to get my name and product out there and have been seeing the results of my efforts in terms of new customers, wider audience, social media visibility. And as I was brought up properly, sharing is in my heart and so that's what I'm here to do through using my skills & knowledge to help you along too :)

Being self employed, crafty & running these businesses has enabled me to experience first hand & completely understand the trials and tribulations my fellow crafters & creatives are up against as you strive to present yourselves & your products professionally, visibly, uniquely & intuitively in a rapidly changing global marketplace which is filling up on a daily basis with similar ventures.

I ensure I always go the extra mile to add value to your business by working alongside you as personally believe it's in my interest for you & your business to thrive and grow to your maximum potential. I therefore take great care to price my products & services in line with artistic incomes & expectations with insight that can only come from being an experienced crafter myself. 

I know that craft and creative businesses are an extension, expression and reflection of our own talents, abilities, aspirations & passions - in fact they are very much like our own precious babies. Therefore I'm so grateful that you would consider me to help you seek the answers to your craft and creative business & marketing queries, questions, fears or frustrations (or hopes, dreams & aspirations!) and help your baby grow up. Plus, as with everything I do, I'll always send a few little extra mindful touches your way ;)

Want to contact, connect or get started with me? It's simple ...

1. Start building, growing & succeeding in your business TODAY  with my daily free marketing tips - simple, bite size, tried and tested, actionable nuggets of marketing advice to get you going

2. To start with, check out my marketing masterclass e-course, my build a better blog e- course and my master social media e-course - these courses run throughout the year and are daily email lessons presented in a simple, easy to action manner. Plus added bonuses of a site critique & myself on hand to ask questions of. 

3. If a once a month marketing hot topic class, a couple of live Q&A sessions with me & your fellow creatives plus networking & engaging with & learning from others in the same boat as you is more your thing then head over to check out the VIP monthly membership club.

4. Or if you'd rather just work with me directly where all my attention is just on you and your business then check out my 1-2-1 focus on your business service where we'll focus specifically on your business and devise a plan to get you to where you want to be.

Although our office is based in Oxfordshire, UK  we try and carry out our work mostly online & via emails, Skype chat or video conferencing - whichever you are most comfortable with! We can also meet for a coffee & chat if you prefer!

As we are also masters of our own destiny (ie we run our own business) we don't keep "normal" office hours so please do not hesitate to get in touch whatever time of day or night with your burning issues - we're early risers and midnight oil burners & try to respond within 24 hours whenever we can. 

If you need me quickly you'll also find me hanging out online (one of my favourite places!) at FacebookTwitterGoogle + & Pinterest or on my Creative Craft entrepreneurs FB group to exchange tips, get the goss, network & learn. And if we're not connected yet - hunt me down from here  - I'd love to keep in touch :)