How to make sure your Facebook marketing posts are seen by your craft, creative & handmade business fans

Facebook has been going through some changes within the last year and more so since the Autumn of 2013 you may have noticed less and less of your 'likers' are actually getting to see your Facebook status updates in their newsfeed. 

You can check out the numbers of people who get to see your updates by looking at the figure in the bottom left hand corner of each status update. It is estimated that just 16%* of your Facebook fans may now get your status updates in their newsfeed - that's just 16 out of every 100! 

It's partly our own fault as we've all spent time liking pages we didn't really care for and amassing friends to appear more popular ;) however Facebook knows this and now makes a decision on our behalf as to what we ideally would like in our newsfeed as opposed to the plethora of news we would have if it continued to allow us to see the latest status updates from all those we've liked and befriended - which would be just overwhelming. 

If you sincerely do wish to continue to see the news updates from the pages you've liked - you've got to interact! Like, comment , click & share to let Facebook know you want to see more!

#6 As your Facebook status update reach is declining, you've got to encourage
 likers & fans to like, click, share & comment on YOUR updates to 
ensure they keep seeing them!  Simply ask them to like, share & comment!

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* source Amy Porterfield - Facebook Engagement 2014