1 quick & easy daily marketing tip you need to be doing to increase your craft, creative & handmade business online visibility

SuccessSpark#9 - free marketing tips for creative business growth & success

One of the best methods of increasing your online brand or business visibility to your target audience and ideal customers is to hang out with, share, engage with, like and comment on others work - especially those you may wish to do business with someday!  

My tip for today is simple and easily achieved with just 5 minutes a day of focused effort - can you afford not to do it?

#9 Find & follow 

Finding & following is a really simple technique - just type a keyword relating to your chosen target audience into Google search or whichever social platform you prefer and see what the results turn up in the way of like minded individuals or groups.

For example, to promote my free marketing tips blog to a creative audience I would search for creative on Facebook and then check through the results I get with that search focusing on finding a group or forum that relates to my business. Ask to join the group and get networking with those who have the same interests as your business offers!   

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