Why you should be linking up your craft, creative & handmade business creations at online Linky Parties

How would it sound to you if I said I have a way of getting your craft & creative products out there in front of HUNDREDS of new global potential customers? For FREE. Like that idea? 

Never heard of Linky parties? 

They're online, usually weekly, sort of competitions/online galleries where literally hundreds of creatives around the world post a creation or creative idea,  and link it back to a blog post where you can read more about it. 

Every week, the linky party host also selects their favourites and showcases them leading to EVEN MORE TRAFFIC!!

Last year I became Queen of the Linky Party - check out all the awards, mentions & accolades I received for my creations here

All it takes is a)  time and b) effort to check out the linky party, post your photo and leave a comment on the hosts blog. 

Then you're free to look around at everyone else's posts which can also be a great source of information, advice & inspiration. 

There will be hundreds of other creators also looking through the photos and if you've taken on board yesterdays tips on photography then you'll be sure to be spotted which leads to more traffic to your blog/website, more comments and potentially new customers. 

Want to know how to start? 

Drop me a note in the comment box below and I'll give you a list of the (in my experience) some of the best Linky parties around, especially in the UK :) 

At last count I entered nearly 100 a week, posting, engaging and commenting on a daily basis.

Not saying you have to do the same but you get out what you put in ;)

#4 Link up at Linky Parties

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