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When you find someone else on the web whose message and content totally resonates with you, you'll probably want to follow them on their alternative social media platforms to keep yourself up date with their latest musings. Am I right? 


Thought so :) 

Ok, so then you'll easily understand the importance of having YOUR alternative social media connection opportunities on your online or off line materials as well.Social network heart design ll.

Click here to take a look at the social media icons I have on my craft site - they're about half way down on the left hand side. 

Not at the top - that space is too important and reserved for my email update signups & my shop information. (TIP The space at the top of the screen before you scroll down is known as 'above the fold'). 

Not too far down that they are missed. But just in the right place so if a visitor does want to connect with me - they can easily find out where else I hang out online and come see me :)

#8 Promote where else you hangout online to make it easy for potential customers 
to connect with you on THEIR preferred platform

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