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Hi Lovely! How are you? I hope you're having a great day and looking forward to the weekend and the forthcoming bank holidays to take some time out to relax and enjoy yourself! 

With Spring fast approaching I'm finding many people just like you are thinking longingly ahead to longer (and warmer!) days, getting out and about more, feasting eyes on all the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, foreign holidays & relaxing stay-cations, BBQ's, outdoor entertaining and social and sporting events - and, of course, wanting to feel your best (how does fabulous, fun loving and free sound?!!) to make the most of these special months ahead is critical! 

So, as you're special to me, I wanted you to be the first to receive a free copy of my latest guide - a 10 day life transformation guide which includes free tips, tools and techniques on how to start to create the life you desire, dream of & deserve, love to live & wake up to each morning!

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Enjoy your weekend!

Quick survey to help me to help you more!

Dear friends, can you help me please, it would be very much appreciated!

I'm thinking about the content and services I offer you and want to really be able to bring you the guidance, information, tips and ideas that you will find really useful and empowering in helping and supporting you in transforming your life to a life you desire & love.

I've put together a quick 2 minute survey comprising 10 easy questions that will REALLY help to give me ideas about what you want and how I can support you more :)

Here's the survey link! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X2L9HHG

Thank you so much for making my day and taking the time to help! Your ideas and feedback are so valuable to me!

How to encourage customers to buy from you

Often before someone will buy from you, they need some reassurance that they are making the right decision for them, doing the right thing investing their money, time and attention with you.
How can you help them with that?
Think about it. When you make a purchase, you 'sample' the goods by going into the shop, feeling the atmosphere, taking in the shop appearance, talking to a well informed, cheerful (or not!) sales person who can confim or shatter your illusions of the product, see the product first hand in all its glory (or not which will tarnish it in your mind forever more), see the reactions of others that you resonate with making similair purchase decisions, even the ease of the transaction payment and the packaging makes a statement that you do or do not resonate with. All of these interactions happen in a space of a few minutes and eitherr reassure you that your purchase is right for you or not.
Free samples, free consultations, free seminars and free demonstrations, free brochures, free newsletters and anything else you can think of that will help a potential customer experience you/your creations before purchase.
All of these help a potential buyer understand what it will feel like when they do actually purchase from you and whether it feels good to them and serves how they wish to see themselves.
Provide them with enough information and experience as you possibly can so that the next logical step for them is to make theirr purchasing decisions as justified, looked forward to and as easy as possible.
What can you provide today to encourage customers?