How working with other craft, creative & handmade business can boost customer awareness

SuccessSpark#13 Free marketing tips for creative business growth & success

It is estimated that there are around 1 billion businesses now on the internet, some of them offering very similar products and services to yours but not one of them identical

In planning their marketing strategy, they (like you!) will have identified a target audience and outlined a particular type of potential customer within that audience to whom their products and services empathise with and (here's the magic) some of these will be the same target audience and potential customer that you have also identified. 

So it makes sense to collaborate with other businesses to inform & educate their audiences about your products & services and this can be achieved with a button swap, blog hop, brand reciprocity deal. A little like team work. Likewise, you will reciprocating through educating and informing your own audiences with the other businesses product. Win-Win. 

Don't confuse this with directly competing with similar businesses as your products and services are unique to you & characterised by the different stories that embrace your products. And if you're at all concerned you may lose potential customers this way, just remember there are 7.2 billion people on this planet. More than enough to go around ;)

#13 Button swap with associated businesses to inform & educate their audiences

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