How & where to find new craft & creative business customers online

Hitting online Social Media big time and plunging straight into joining forums & groups, liking pages, commenting, sharing and engaging are all great marketing activities that we're all encouraged to do by the pros. 

However we also may be making a huge marketing (and time and effort) mistake when we only hang out in the same places online as fellow creatives & crafters, complimenting each other on our creations, creativity & creativeness. Whilst mutual support is vital to our industry, it's not the best way to gain custom.

Remember, other creatives are not the most likely audience to funnel into being your customers - hey they have their own products to sell! Think of it like if you've ever been at an exhibition and spent your takings on everyone else's products & services ;) Not the best strategy to make money.

Instead, spend your time, energy, money & focus on getting yourself & your business being seen online where your potential customers are also most likely to be. 

So where's that you may be asking? 

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Scentsy candle wax fragrances for clean, cosy, comforting & fresh smelling homes, offices, cars & personal accessories

For all my lovely discerning & luxury loving aroma-holic friends who like your homes, cars, handbags, desks, offices, pet corners, gym kit bags/lockers, shoe cupboards, wardrobes & drawers, cloakrooms, hallways, spare bedrooms, bins, laundry baskets (even kids & other halves lol) to smell fresh, comforting, cosy, clean, fragrant, delicious, sweet, delightful, aromatic, delectable, homely & warm (or to make your home smell as though you've been baking all day a la Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood - you choose!) you're welcome to nab some freebie samples for your own private sniff-a-thon of my new range of 80+ scented candle fragrances.
Lasting longer than ordinary scented candles at 75-100 hours of fragrance, no soot/lead/smoke or naked flame required (the heated wax only reaches body temperature so perfect if you have children or pets around, at work or anywhere a flame can't be used) & packed full of more fragrance oil than other leading jar candle brands- Scentsy makes economical & safety sense too!

Top of my favourites Scentsy candle smells list so far are the Christmas & Autumn scents with names that recreate the smells & memories of childhood festivities like sugar cookie, sticky cinnamon bun, winter pine, christmas cottage, frosted ginger cookie, honey pear cider, iced pine, autumn blaze maple, snoberry & cozy fireside - is it ever too early for the house to smell Christmassy? 
If you can't make it, don't have time, live too far away or couldn't bear to be in my company for that amount of time (no questions asked)  then never fear - I can simply send the sniffs to you!