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Ok, so the creative life and business you so desire and wish for feels just out of reach, you'd love to feel more worthy, confident, successful & in demand for your creativity and creations; you feel you need to prove that your creations are worth the time, money, passion you invest in them (and to prove your loved ones that you can do it too!), you want your creativity to contribute to your family finances and you long for and dream of turning your creativity into a job that you love, fulfils you and brings joy and happiness to the people you wish to serve. On top of this you may be feeling disconcerted, disillusioned, disappointed, fed up, frustrated, uncomfortable, stressed, pressed for time, worried about money, overwhelmed, insecure, not good enough, disorganised & exhausted with not knowing how to professionally market, sell & run your creative business. 

Maybe you've already spent time surfing online - piecing together snippets of marketing & sales advice, finding, following blogs or social media pages, trying to apply what you've learnt to your creative business and crossing your fingers and hoping that this time it will work. 

Maybe you've already invested money and precious time in business, marketing or sales training, read some books, listened to some podcasts, attended some webinars, joined some membership clubs but still have been disappointed or disheartened that the information you received wasn't quite as helpful, worthwhile or spot on as you thought it may be, despite the cost.

So, in short nothing has really worked and you're not much further forward regardless of the time, energy & money you've spent & you're losing the enthusiasm, time, will & patience to keep searching for those elusive gems of creative marketing & sales wisdom that will really transform your business. It might even be that you're starting to think they don't really exist and you might as well give up what you love to do as you're never going to be able to make a business out of it. 

Hey, it's ok, it's perfectly understandable, totally to be expected & normal. Just so you know, I 100% understand exactly where you are coming from. I totally get it. Once upon a time I too was just like you. Hell, I've been there, worn & washed the t-shirt many times. It's not fun. It's hard work building a business you love from scratch and on your own with limited time, funds, knowledge & support! I know how frustrating and disheartening it can feel when you're pouring your love, time, investment and dreams into your creations and selling very little. It's not nice. 

I'm here to tell you all this stress, worry, anxiety and mind chatter is not necessary. I'm here to help you get where you want to be. That's why I created Marketing Creatively - I love to work with creative, craft & handmade business owners just like you who are disheartened, frustrated and disappointed with their curent business success. Together we'll take you to back to feeling empowered, inspired, rejuvenated and ready to make a go of your creative business.bI want you to succeed in your business. I want you to realise your creative dreams. 

Just imagine how it's going to feel being rewarded for doing what you love, creating products people want to buy, being in demand, having people talk about & recommend your business, being able to make a financial contribution to your family and feeling inspired,
energised, respected and worthwhile as a creative business person. Imagine knowing that what you do and what you create matters; how thrilling it would be to know it's you that can offer your customers unique and one of a kind pieces that you've created to bring them joy, enhance their happiness, are useful to them and enable them to feel how special they want to feel.

So how are going to make this happen?  

I'll give you the answers & insight you need ..   

As a result of working with me you'll get 

  • ideas on how to create & promote your work so customers will love to buy
  • time management, stress, overwhelm & fitting it all in with your other commitments
  • Strategies to find new customers & keep past customers buying from you
  • increasing the number of people who know about your business and products
  • Tips on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ to promote your products
  • How blogging, website content & online Shops can help boost your business 
  • Understanding your customers buying motives to inform your creations
  • building quality relationships with potential customers so they'll get to like, know & trust you - all essential factors in the sales process 
  • answering any sales, marketing, customer, content or social media questions you may have!
With my long standing marketing & creative background I can quickly & easily help you get to grips with what needs to be done to turn your business around. 

Everything  I recommend I have tried myself so I can cut to the chase, get to the heart of 
the matter and advise you exactly what will work and what doesn't to save you the time, 
money, bother, effort, overwhelm & frustration in marketing your own business. My advice is easy to understand, realistic, non-techy, simple, actionable, affordable, practical, easily implemented, professional. All my creative marketing and sales ideas are tried, tested & true and gained first hand from over 25 years of my accumulating knowledge, experience, practice, learning and research in both the marketing and creative industries. 

I'm passionate, motivated, enlightened, friendly, approachable, no nonsense, supportive and I combine this with an authenticity, sincerity & genuineness in my ability to help you. 
Plus I have been known to like to have fun in my business and I think it's important you do
too. This is who I am and what I'm here for

Plus, I take my responsibilities to you seriously and pride myself of never making you feel silly, dumb, unimportant, just another person, worthless, inferior, inadequate or incompetent - in fact in my eyes you're just the opposite for recognising and reaching out for support.

So, here's how I can help you today..

1. You can trial me out by taking up my offer of a free mini consultation (simply enter your email into the box below. You can also email me at lisa (dot) barton@hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk for an informal, no obligation to proceed chat about your biggest marketing and sales challenges, frustrations & concerns in your business & if I can I'll suggest a few free pointers to help you on your way (sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to get you going!).

2. I publish new marketing & sales ideas here on the blog  - my advice is super simple, quick to action, inexpensive, up to date and professional - keep checking back for updates!

3. If you're on Facebook (and if you're in business with your creativity then you should be!) then head over to my Marketing Creatively Facebook page  for daily updates including information, advice, ideas, support, inspiration & discussions - don't forget to like & follow the page to keep it in your news feed!

4. I host the Creative Craft Entrepreneurs facegroup forum group which gives you another great free opportunity to exchange views & experiences, network and discuss with other creatives on a similar journey - we've 1200 + members now so we're a lively, engaging & interactive fun bunch to hang out with!

5. I've written a super simple, quick & inexpensive e-guide to 'Marketing Creatively: 50 marketing ideas for creative growth & success' - you can purchase your copy from Amazon here. I promise there will be ideas in there you can action today! 

6. If you're really serious about boosting you're business success let's work on creating your unique, personalised marketing & sales plan which comes with a 1-2-1 advice session generally lasting 1 hour by email/phone/skype. Working 1-2-1 together with you enables us to be totally focused on understanding you, your business, the strengths & weaknesses, vision & dreams and identifying the best way forward for you and your business action-wise for you to reach your goals. Your personalised plan of action is prepared and presented after your advice session and will give you clear direction and actions you can implement to overcome your business blocks. 

You'll receive inspiration, motivation, ideas and professional, qualified and experienced advice to support you achieving the life & business you desire. When you consider how often you've paid a similar price to attend an event or run an advertisement that's brought you absolutely nothing in return, I'm sure you'll appreciate the value of the information you'll receive and how it can transform your business.

See what others have to say about the advice they've received on my testimonials page. 

This is by far my most popular & effective service. I've helped hundreds of creatives over the years & the return you'll get on your investment can be many times more!  It doesn't matter what type of creative business you are or where in the world you are - your structured plan of action will give you a purposeful & enlightened feeling that once again you're in control of your creative destiny and you know what you're doing & where to focus your time and efforts.

Purchase your advice session & personalised plan today for the price of a takeaway coffee once a week -  just £299!


There's lots of information here to consider, mull over, talk with your nearest and dearest about and sleep on but I'm here to happily answer any questions or concerns you may have - I've even listed some of the my most frequently asked questions here

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of undertaking my services. The testimonials are exceptional results and may not apply to the everyone who utilises our products and services and are also not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. An individual’s success depends on many contributing factors including background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is a risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that any income may be earnt. As with any advice, results may not be seen immediately as they are dependant upon many factors, some of which are outside my control. I advise patience, consistently, consistency and daily marketing and sales activities for the best results - however as in life there are no guarantees made to the outcome of implementing my advice.