SuccessSpark series - free daily marketing & sales tips & advice to create, build, grow and succeed in your creative, craft or handmade business

Quick heads up! 

April 2nd see the start of our new SuccessSpark series - daily FREE tried, tested & true marketing tips, tricks or techniques delivered in a bite-size, plain English, quick & simple actionable format you can put into practice in your creative business immediately to help with its marketing, growth & success.

SuccessSpark covers topics such as 

  • social media
  • finding customers
  • customer service
  • customer loyalty
  • productivity
  • motivation
  • email marketing
  • incentives
  • statistics
  • time management
  • the media
  • blogging
  • you tube & videos
  • photography
  • website contents
  • in person selling
  • events
  • copywriting
  • confidence
  • branding
  • work/life balance
  • SEO
  • pricing
  • adding value
  • networking
  • advertising
  • online selling
  • competition
  • ideal customers
  • facebook tips 
and as if that's not enough for you, there's many more to come. 

These bitesize, easy to understand, actionable tips & techniques are an accumulation of everything marketing related that I've ever learnt, experienced, had success with and gained insight into over 25 years in the marketing & craft industry. For you, for free. 

So, can you do me a favour in return? Please share this information with whomever you think needs to know through whichever social media you choose - it's all good stuff. Feel free to send people over here to see for themselves and let's spread the marketing love in the creative industry. 

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