Why teaching others is one of the best marketing & sales tools for your creative craft business

Have you ever thought about teaching others your creative craft skills? 

Whether it's a couple hours in a once a month craft class, a meet up over coffee & cake to craft together or a more regular workshop to learn new craft skills & ideas, we all love to learn new things, hone our skills and meet fellow creatives & crafters. 

Plus it's a great way to get your business out there, talked about & noticed!

Holding your own classes to teach others skills isn't time consuming or difficult - simply put the word out that you're happy to show others how to make & create, invite them to your home or a local meeting place and charge a small fee for showing how to craft. Once a crafter, always a crafter and most crafters are multi talented and often wish to dabble in different crafts - & happy to come to you to learn! 

Whether your specialism is in classes are for knitters, sewers, scrap bookers, card makiers, embroiderers, jewelery makers, paper crafters, painters, artists, photographers, musicians, you provide materials to purchase, within a class fee or if they need to bring their own is your decision but what could be more enjoyable than crafting on a regular basis with friends?

#55 Hold classes in your creative craft specialism & teach others how to create & craft - it positions your business as a n informative & entertaining resource plus  you may profit from doing so!