The #1 law of marketing your craft business customers are going to love you for

Marketing your business in the 21st century is not just about promoting your sales message to convince people to buy your products or services.

We're bombarded daily with sales messages, adverts, promotions & why we should do XYZ right now and have become adept at tuning out a lot of the messages we receive. 

Except for those messages that actually provoke and emotion, educate, inspire, entertain or inspire us. Then we're all ears.

"Delight" Free Photo

Focus on promoting your business & endearing yourself to your customers through educating, inspiring, entertaining or inspiring them - teach them a new skill, give them a tip, tell them a funny story, inspire them with your own story, support them, help them, connect with them on a personal level, share with them & encourage them .. you get the idea. 
#50 Customers aren't interested in you; 
they're interested in what you can do for them & how you make them feel

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