Are you making these 5 simple marketing mistakes with your craft fair, event & exhibition customers?

Craft fairs have exploded in popularity over the last few years and every year new ones crop up. 

Your sales experience may differ year on year depending upon the craft fair location, timing, economy and trends however these are the 5 biggest mistakes creatives & crafters make when exhibiting at them. 

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Costly craft fair mistake #1 Looking miserable
Footfall may be slow, the weather may be poor, the refreshments may not be flowing, the visitors may not be spending but hey, they're more unlikely to buy from you if you're looking miserable, jaded, fed up & disinterested! Treat every visitor to your stall like royalty, get to know them, be helpful, friendly & fun & interested in what they have to say

Costly craft fair mistake #2 Not collecting contact details
The visitors come, they look at your products, they pick some up and then drift away without making a sale. How are they ever going to find you again? Engage them whilst they're browsing (you'll be able to tell if they want to be left alone!), give them a business card and ask for their contact details (name and email at minimum) so you can keep them updated on sales, discounts, new products - they can only say no!

Costly craft fair mistake #3 Comparing you products with others 
We are all unique in our creations and the way we run our businesses. therefore it doesnt pay to compare yourself or your products to someone else's. There's 7 billion people in this world and enough business for everyone. Be proud & confident with who you are, what you make and how you price. Being cheapest doesn't always give out a great vibe.

Costly craft fair mistake #4 Sometimes you'll fail to make a sale
Sometimes, the event just isn't the right match for you. If you've taken the time to scope out who your ideal customer is (and no it can't possibly be everyone!) and the event audience did not include these types of people then don't be disheartened. Instead focus on networking with other stall holders (no this doesnt mean gossiping or complaining together), focus on the fact you're out and about, focus on the fact that if you hadn't attended you wouldn't have made sales either. chalk it up to experience and try again at the next one.

Costly craft fair mistake #5 Ensure you have insurance
To attend craft fairs you most definitely require at least public liability insurance and dependant upon what you make and sell there may be other types of trading regulations you need to abide by. Ignorance is no defence so ensure you are legally compliant with all regulations so as not to put yourself or your customers in harms way. 

#53 You have just seconds to make an impression upon a potential customer. Smile, be friendly, engaging, helpful, confident & try not to get disheartened.