10 ways to stay focused not fazed in your craft & handmade business

How long is your to do list? If you're thinking there's ever going to be a day when your to-do list is empty, I'm afraid to tell you that's never likely to happen. 

There always is and there always will be things that need to be done. Things to buy, make, read, write, research, do, visit, to see.  

So how do you decide what to focus on? 

Here's my top 10 ways to stay focused in your creative business ..

1. Plan. Whether it's hourly, daily, weekly or longer term decide what the most important things to get done or the things you wish to accomplish are. 

2. Work out in advance what time you have to work in. Then take 10 minutes at the beginning of each day scheduling your most important tasks to complete in the time you have available. 

3. Build in regular breaks as well to keep your mind and body fresh and engaged. 

4. Prioritise those tasks that actually create more sales, attract more customers or leads to growth in your business. 

5. Focus entirely on the task in hand within the time you have allocated to it. For example, I work 3 days a week for 6 hours solid in the daytime and on 2 days a week in the evenings only. Each week I plan how much time I'm going to spend and on particular tasks and I stick to it. 

6. Silence your phone, i pad, laptop, social media, tv, radio and if possible your environment (including family!) to minimise distractions unless of course you are more focused or productive whilst listening to music or like! 

7. Try and build in at least 15 minutes a day for marketing your business and showing up on social media if this is your chosen vehicle of communication (and if not it should be one of them!). Check out my 50 free marketing tips for quick and simple ideas you could try out that take minimal effort, resources and time.

8. Stop when you're time is up and re-write your new to do list having checked off the tasks you've just accomplished. 

9. Try to switch off and reassure yourself you've done the best job you can with the resources you had. Feel as though you've achieved and accomplished something. Bear in mind that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that tomorrow gives you another opportunity. 

10. Try not to let your business overwhelm and take over your life. It's easily done but will inevitably lead to burn-out where you'll be fit for nothing. Everything in moderation. 

#44 Staying focused in your creative business will result in 
feeling more achievement & accomplishment