Who NOT to ask for advice in your creative craft business

You've created or imagined a new business, product or service and want some feedback before you release it into the world. 

Who do you ask and who's opinion do you trust?

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Most of us ask our family, friends, colleagues - who unfailingly (in most cases!) are reassuring, comforting, complimentary and excited for us. But nine times out of ten, they're not our ideal customers or have any experience in the business or position we're in. 

You need to be looking at running ideas, plans, initiatives, inspiration & prototypes past those that can really advise you from a place of experience, knowledge, interest and who are on the same or similar wavelength. Someone who's walked the walk, talked the talk and knows what it takes. 

Someone whose feedback is invaluable to giving you a honest opinion as to whether your idea, product, plans could really work in the real world. Someone who may have more contacts, experience and skills, can provide a spark of enlightenment and can guide or push you. Someone who can boost your confidence, be encouraging, have perspective, be available to ask questions of and retain emotional objectivity. Trust their judgement even if it's not what you want to hear. 

Mentors fit the role. As do a focus group of trusted customers - past and present. Or try asking fellow creatives through forums, social media groups, networks, clubs. And if any of these are also your friends or family, then that's a bonus.

#43 Build up a circle of trusted mentors you can trust to assist and 
guide you in your creative business