How to get fabulous customer marketing testimonials to boost your future creative craft business sales

After you've sold a product or service to a keen customer what happens next in your creative business? 

Do you get feedback? Do you ask what they thought about their experience of buying from you? 

Do you ensure they are kept informed on what your business is up to?

Obtaining feedback, whether positive or negative from your previous customers is a fabulous way to gauge how well you are delighting them, or letting them down. 

Without feedback how are you going to know what people think, like & say about your business? 

An added bonus of soliciting feedbak is, after obtaining permission, you can use it as 'social proof' - it's well know that positive testimonials from real customers helps persuade others to buy much  more than just your own claims about your good your product or service is.

After all, in Mark Zuckerberg's* words "Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend" 

#55 Start collecting feedback today, ask permission & publish it on your blog/website or printed materials as 'social proof' to influence others to purchase

*Co-founder & CEO of Facebook