1 simple marketing & sales tip to keep your craft customers coming back time and time again

If you find a seller, site, book, blog or other resource that provides entertaining, useful, interesting, helping and valuable information perhaps answering questions, pointing you in the right direction, giving you hints & tips to try  you'd keep going back to it for more, wouldn't you. 

And you'd rave about it to others too. 

You too can be that resource 

You can be a mine of information, advice & helpfulness on your chosen creative or craft speciality. 

You can be the go-to choice of those looking for information relating to your area of experience. 

You can be the business your customers love to do business with for not just the products they can buy but for all the extra that comes with it that exceeds their expectations. 

You can provide care instructions, useage instructions, wear instructions, background information, specials offers, ideas & inspiration and help tell your products story. 

Who say's you can't soon be the #1 resource in your creative craft? 

#56 As well as selling a product or service, provide your potential and existing customers with a reason to keep coming back - be a useful, informative & entertaining resource to always look for ways to add extra value to their custom.