5 proven ways to keep your customers begging for more

It takes 7 x as much effort to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing customer. 

With existing customers you've already done the hard work of attracting them, converting them & delighting them and they love your product or service. 

So are they then taken for granted or actively thanked for spending their precious time, money & attention on you?

Floral thank you card
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Keep your customers sweet and they'll your customers coming back for more - here's how ... 

1. Thank them. At every opportunity thank them for their custom. A personalised note speaks volumes whether it's in a card, postcard, email or call - who doesn't want to feel valued?

2. Reward them. Whether it's with a discount on further purchase, a loyalty reward, a shout out on social media or a refer a friend freebie - show your appreciation and commitment to working again with them.

3. Remember them. Actively record & recall their interests, important dates, preferences, likes and dislikes whether it's colours, styles, payment methods, timeslots, family whatever - show they are important to you by remembering what's important to them.

4. Engage with them. See or hear something they might like? Send it to them! A quick email, note, photo, call or link sent to them accompanied by "I saw this and thought of you..." communicates that they are important enough to be on your mind. 

5. Delight them. Go the extra mile. Make the extra effort. Do something different that they wouldn't expect. Use your imagination (or draw on what floats their boat in #3 above). Go above and beyond the line of duty. Set yourself apart from your competitors and give them something to talk about. 

#46 Thank, engage, delight, reward & remember your customers & they'll be back for more.  We're also pretty sure they'll be talking about you to all their family & friends.