10 simple sales & marketing tips to skyrocket your craft business summer sales

Summer can traditionally be a slow time for sales - here's 10 quick ideas on how you can sky rocket your summer sales!

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Using your social media platforms, your customer newsletters (you do have one, don't you?), your printed promotional materials, your website and/or blog tell everyone you know or who knows you that you're having a summer special for a limited time period (don't forget to specify when it ends!)

Try one of my summer sales step-ups a week over the summer months (or whenever the slowest sales time is in your calendar) and see which ones work best for you!

  • Buy one get one free! Buy two get the third free!
  • Buy a product and receive a small gift!
  • Free gift wrap or delivery or gift with every purchase!
  • Spend £x and receive a discount on your next order!
  • If a friend buys you both get something free!
  • Enter a competition to win!
  • Share our info & get a discount!
  • Sign up for updates/latest news & get a discount code!
  • Collect loyalty points for a money off voucher!
  • Buy a product and get a discount off a related product!
#57 Draw up a repertoire of sales tactics to boost sales during slow times, 
test them out & see which your customers prefer & works best for your business