Boost your craft business sales by using YouTube marketing in 12 quick & easy steps

Do your ideal customers watch, learn from and are inspired by videos on YouTube?
According to Youtube ... 

  • 64% of people are more likely to buy the associated product after watching a video
  • 65% of people will visit the product or service website after watching a video
  • People spend over 4 BILLION hours each month watching videos on Youtube

Are your potential customers - you know the ones you're looking to connect with, sell more products or services to, entertain, inspire or inform - watching your competitors on Youtube?

Let's get you started ... 

  1. To get started, click here to set up your channel
  2. Name your channel to match your business & use similar photos & logos to ensure your brand image is consistent
  3. Use relevant keywords applicable to your business, product or service to describe your channel - it makes searching for it much easier!
  4. Describe your channel using your elevator pitch - your 1 line short & sweet business description
  5. Keep your videos succinct, informative, engaging & valuable as a resource
  6. Edit your video before uploading to add text, headings, comments & links to your site/blog
  7. Give viewers a call to action ie sign up to subscribe for future videos, head over to your Facebook page, visit your site/blog
  8. Speak clearly, slowly and keep your camera stable - I use a camcorder & tripod for all my videos although I have been known to knock it over during filming!
  9. Speak naturally and in a friendly manner as if you were having a conversation with a friend
  10. Sketch out what you are going to say, write down measurements or key points prior to hitting record so you're not caught out!
  11. Don't worry about professional standards - videos that are entertaining, informative, engaging, sincere and useful outweigh slick presentations. Humour & authenticity is always appreciated!
  12. Don't forget that Google owns YouTube - and you know what that means for search engine rankings
  13. Oh & here's my craft YouTube channel in case you're interested ;) 

#51 Delight, engage, inform, educate & inspire your audience through YouTube videos 

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