Your quick marketing guide to Google Analytics & why you need to be using it in your creative craft business

Heard about Google Analytics but not sure what it is and why you need it? 

Google analytics is a wonderful FREE Google programme designed to enable you to track & measure traffic to your website or blog. It offers real time information regarding who, when, how & what visitors are doing when they reach your site.
Google analytics measures your site number of visitors, pageviews, the average time spent on your site, the bounce rate and numbers of new & returning visitors which gives you a great overview of how well your site is performing in attracting and retaining readers. 
If you have a high pages visit, high average time spent on your site and a low bounce rate it generally indicates that readers are finding your site attractive, useful & meeting their needs.
You can check out readers demographics including language, country, browser, operating system & service provider including increasingly important mobile visitors. Visitor behaviour is also measured in terms of how often they visit,  how long they stay, how many pages they view & where the visitors are coming from. 
As much as Google analytics will show you your site strengths, you'll also be able to pinpoint where your weaknesses are, goals you can set to reach and areas to concentrate your efforts on. 
#33 Integrate Google analytics in your business & 
take notice of the results to inform future planning

All valuable information at your fingertips if you take your business seriously. If you haven't installed it yet - here's the link to get started ... 
And if you want to learn more about using Google analytics, it's covered in more depth in my 10 days to build a better business blog e-programme. 

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