Why a 1 minute business description is vital to attract new craft customers

Ever heard of an elevator speech? It's a 1 minute maximum sentance you say to describe yourself or your business. It originates from imagining being in an elevator (or lift if you're in the UK) and heading to the same floor as one or a group of people you'd like to introduce your business to. 

One of the group asks what you do. What do YOU say?

Glass Elevator 1

My personal elevator pitch combines both my business and myself - I simply say "I'm a creative business marketing expert offering free marketing tips, e-programme and consulting services to creative businesses" then to lighten the mood I add on "Oh, and I'm also a mother to 4 daughters." That guarantees engagement. 

Now whilst I'm not advocating you too have 4 children of the same sex for something to talk about, being able to summarise yourself or your business in a short, sweet & simple way enables you to hold a persons attention long enough to get your message across and to give rise to an opportunity for further questions. So don't miss your chance when it comes - create your elevator speech today.

SuccessSpark#21 Create your 1 minute elevator speech to use 
for whenever anyone asks "what do you do?"