Unsure which creative, craft or handmade business to start? Read this to help you decide

Most of us want to be successful in life - whether that's success defined through becoming wealthy, a role model, an influencer or an expert in a chosen area. 

And we're all equipped with a different variety of skills, talents, specialisms, talents & perspectives to become successful. 

It's an even better feeling to be able to earn an independent income to support a family or enable you to reach your personal goals from utilising what comes easiest to you. 

But what if you're not sure what you actually want to do in your business? 


SuccessSpark#23 Identify, list & prioritise your talents & where your passions lie. Focus on the talents that make your heart sing when you indulge them. Figure out how you could offer your talents as products & services to benefit others, touch their lives and feed their desires. That's the foundation of a successful business.