Feeling stuck in your craft business? Don't be afraid to ask for help ..

We're all human. We're all full of imperfections. We're all vulnerable. None of knows everything there is to know. No-one can do it all on their own without some repercussions at some stage.There's no shame in asking for help. It shows a strength of character, not a weakness. 

One thing that binds most of us together is that we also all love to help those in need. And most people, myself included, don't expect anything in return.  

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Personally I love to freely share my marketing knowledge and experience through my mid week matters Q&A all day session over at my Facebook group Creative Craft Entrepreneurs. Join us - you'd be very welcome! 

And if I can help you in anyway other way simply email me at lisa.barton@hotmail.co.uk. I'll be waiting for you to connect. 

SuccessSpark#24 Don't be afraid to ask for help - it's around you 
in abundance, you just need to reach out for it