5 key factors to consider when choosing Blogger or Wordpress for your creative, craft or handmade business blog

One of the questions I'm asked most often is from beginner bloggers wondering whether to use Blogger or Wordpress as a blogging platform. It's not a clear cut decision, in fact I've used both, but depends upon each individual person & business goals and desires for their blog. 

#32 Choosing between Blogger & Wordpress

1. Ease of Use

Wordpress is extremely easy to use from installation to design to publishing. It does take some time to learn the ropes however just as there would be with any new skill. there are hundreds of additional plugins to further optimise your wordpress functionality. 

Blogger is also very easy to use especially if you're totally new to blogging and is simple to understand, navigate and hone your blogging skills on. If you have multiple blogs (up to 100) you can manage them all from one dashboard. Having years of experience, I'm able to get a blog up, running & fully functional on blogger within half an hour. 


Wordpress has thousands of  themes to choose from including many free themes. If you know a little coding you can also customise themes to further suit your needs. Wordpress blogs look professional and are the most  used for large corporate businesses. 

Blogger also has a number of simple themes that can be customised if you know how to but tend to be less dynamic than Wordpress themes with lots of blogger sites looking the same. 

3. Control & security 

You have to self host wordpress blogs (you can ask wordpress to host for you but tends to be more expensive) which means it's your responsibilty to host, backup and keep your site secure. However you do own your site and content. 

As google own blogger, security tends to be tighter unless your google account gets hacked. However as google owns both your blogger site and content, they can also decide to delete your account or blog without notice - it's imperative to also take backups of your blogger blog in case this happens.  

4. Cost 

Blogger is completely free of charge to run & use unless you choose to purchase graphics, themes etc. 

Wordpress requires self hosting for which there is a fee and you may choose a theme/design that isn't free but most plug-ins are free.

5. SEO & integration 

As google own blogger it is widely accepted that your blog is more easily visible & indexed to Googles search engines and your account is linked and optimised to other google owned entities such as google+, youtube, google analytics, google webmaster tools and google adsense. Bloggers sites also seem to load faster on desktop & mobile apps, possibly due to their relative simplicity. 

Wordpress offers many free plugins to assist SEO but isn't optimised for google as uniquely as blogger is.


If you're just starting out in blogging personally I would suggest using Blogger as your platform to begin with until you learn the blogging ropes. However you may wish to transfer your blog to Wordpress at some stage which is totally possible to fully utilise the plug in functionality and enhance your professional image.

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