2 words on how to deal with cyber bully haters

You're written some content for your site or blog. You've posted a helpful comment on a social platform. You've reached out to the community to serve. 

And in return you receive cruel, ignorant, insulting, hurtful, damaging & negative feedback, comments or verbal attacks. 

My 2 word tip? IGNORE THEM.

If you moderate your blog or website comments, simply mark them as spam. 

If it's on a social media platform, simply block the user and report them. 

But above all, remember not to take it personally. 

By putting yourself out in the world you're bound to attract some negative attention. It often comes with the territory of being noticed. 

But outweigh that with all the positive attention you receive. Put it into perspective and move forward. 

And always remember ... even Mother Teresa had critics.

#39 Ignore the cyber haters