How to make quick & easy GIANT tissue paper pom poms perfect for parties, girls decor, weddings & baby celebrations step by step tutorial

I've been making these giant paper tissue paper pom poms for years now to decorate the girls birthdays & bedrooms and as an affordable, easy to make, simple decoration to brighten up other celebratory occasions such as weddings, baby showers, parties, garden parties & bbq's. 

How to make them is one of my most frequently asked questions so here's your step by step guide on how to make GIANT tissue paper pom poms!

1. Start off with at least 6 sheets of tissue paper in your chosen colour measuring approx 70cms x 50 cms or near enough. You'll also need a pair of scissors & some twine.

2. Keeping the sheets together, fold them into a concertina 

3. Tie the concertina in the middle with the twine leaving a length of twine to hang the pom pom by

4. Round off each of the concertina ends with the scissors

5. Start to fold out the concertina from the centre point.

6. Once folded out, start to gently pull apart each tissue layer and mould upwards.

7. Keep going until all the layers of tissue paper are de-layered on both sides. Fluff up!

8. Make lots more and hang together!

Enjoy your pom poms!