Is having it all achievable in your creative craft business?

We all dream of having a great business, fabulous life, being successful, famous & wealthy. 

But is 'having it all" really achievable? 

juggle balls

We've already looked at business planning and goal setting this week to help you realise your business dreams. 

You also need to pay attention to how how realistic it is to keep all your business, family, work, play, relaxation, health balls in the air, at the same time. 

Be realistic with how much time you really have to devote to each area of your work & life. 

Use the time you do have to focus on the best use of that time, how much you take on, what's achievable, areas to focus on, what brings you the greatest fulfilment. 

Practice mindfulness and being in the present. Look into meditation for instilling a sense of serenity, calm and silencing your mind. 

Be grateful for what you already have. 

You're fit for no-one if you're always stressed, rushed, distracted, not present and overwhelmed. 

#40 Assess how much time you really have and spend it according to your priorities