5 top tips on how to write an about page your craft business readers are guaranteed to want to read

Did you know your website or blog About page is generally the #1 read page on your whole website & blog? 

No matter what you create, produce, sell, offer or promote human nature dictates that we want to know who's behind it. 

Awesome eye with huge detail

There aren't many website or blogs that don't have an about page on them. 

And if they don't - how do you trust them, resonate with them, empathise with them? 

Does it make you feel secure, safe & trusting not knowing who the face(s) are behind the scenes? 

#27 Craft an outstanding about page readers will want to read

My top 5 tips are ..
  • Your about page is about you. Who you are. What you stand for. Where you've come from. How credible you are. People want to get to like, know & trust you. Enable them to do that through your about page.
  • Write as though you were talking to a friend. Friendly, comforting, reassuring, engaging, vulnerable. Open up & others will identify.
  • Use simple, easy to understand, no nonsense language to succinctly get your message across. It doesn't need to be reams of your whole life story. Just the bits that will matter to the customers. 
  • Tell your story. How you got to be here. Your experiences, trials, successes and failures. Be human & humble and people will resonate with you. 
  • Ensure you have any newsletter sign up or social media buttons on your about page too - just so people can make a personal connection with you & be the first to hear more of what you have to say.