10 easy & fun Halloween craft ideas - day 10 Washi pumpkins & Halloween houses

Happy Halloween!

Have you enjoyed my 10 easy & fun Halloween craft ideas series? I hope it's inspired you to create some spook-tacular projects!

One last project for you today - Washi tape pumpkins - doesnt take more than 10 minutes I promise!

Start with a kraft colour papier mache pumpkin - I got mine from Amazon

Stick your washi tape at intervals around the pumpkin - I've used Witches Brew washi tape

Fill in the gaps & tie some contrasting ribbon around the pumpkin stem!

Here's another one ...

They make a cute pair to go into my Halloween display!

Here's a roundup of my 10 easy & fun Halloween crafts with a bonus project added - can you spot it? ...

Give yourself a clap if you noticed this bonus project ...

Cute Halloween houses made with the Milk Carton die ...  

We collected our new Puppy - Buddy the Yorkshire Terrier - today and we are also off Trick & Treating tonight - just too much excitement in one day! See you tomorrow!