How to make your own buttons using Simply pressed clay & Summer Silhouettes

Now this Cajun Craze colour always baffles me, let me tell you why ...

The word Cajun, as I understand, originates from France and is used to describe an ethic group originally from the Maritime Islands (Eastern Canada) now living in Louisiana, USA. The colour to me is a mixture of hot, dry & spicy - but neither Louisiana nor Eastern Canada are arid, dry states, moreso they are wet and humid (think Louisiana swamps!) Hence why the colour and it's origin never seem to match in my little head :) Anyway Geography lesson over .. onto the card ..

The base card is as you may have guessed is Cajun Craze which I have overlaid with some Naturals Ivory and First Edition newsprint which has been sponged with Cajun Craze ink. I've used Summer Silhouettes & French Foliage for the images and again sponged the edges of the card. 

The corner trim is natural trim secured with a vintage trinket brad.

See the little cajun craze colour button in the corner tied with linen thread? That's a sneak peek of another of the exciting new products to be found in next weeks (!!) new annual catalogue. It's called simply pressed clay, coordinates with a flowers and a buttons mould to make your own embellishments which can be inked, coloured, glittered, embossed and stamped on to get totally colour coordinated embellishments! How cool is that?!

Bit autumnal looking this card, don't you think? Won't be long before it's upon us the way the long range weather forecasts are looking :(
See you again tomorrow for a decidedly more summery-looking project :)