Top 10 predicted wedding trends for 2014

With Valentines day in just 10 days time, proposals will be popping and the annual wedding season will be swinging into action - let's take a look at the predicted wedding trends for 2014!

1. 2014 wedding themes will embody romance, emotion, delicacy, elegance, vintage, formality & a return to classic styling with a strong 1920's Great Gatsby theme of bygone days. 

2. Crystal and silver will be gracing reception tables and patinated wherever possible. 

3. Brides will be opting for romantic, delicate and sweet colours in line with wedding themes - neutrals, peaches, blush and soft pinks. 

4. Coordinating colours will be soft mint greens and soft taupe with pops of gold from rose to tawny gold hues.

5. Florals, lace, ruffles, pleats and ombre layers will also be top of bridal wish lists. 

6. Dresses are expected to be shorter but more classically cut and fitted with lace sleeves and cover-ups becoming popular. 

7. Romantic, delicate and classical peonies & roses in ombre shades will be the flower of choice for bouquets.

8. To align with the sweet themes this year, stationery will become smaller and inherently sweeter with simplicity being a key theme. 

9.Laser cut bespoke designs & freehand illustrations will become de rigeur with dainty botanicals and lace being popular choices.

10. Reception favors are deemed so last year and the new trend will now be for “pillow presents,” aka little handmade and homemade welcome or thank you gifts left for guests at their hotel - the daintier, sweeter and more bespoke the better. 

Do you have any wedding celebrations to look forward to this year?