Stashbusters Anonymous - turning product collectors into productive scrapbookers from Big Picture Classes

Hands up who collects scrapbook & papercraft products and doesn't often use them? There was rather too many hands going up in the office today - so we've booked up for this Stashbuster Anonymous Big Picture Class

As we are lucky to see so much scrapbook, journaling, cardmaking & papercrafting products in our day to day work we do tend to store (some would say hoard ;) them rather than use them so why don't you join us in reducing the stash and increasing the scrap!

Stashbusters AnonymousA 12-step program to turn product collectors into productive scrapbookers
If you're great at collecting scrapbooking supplies but less great at using what you have, join Aly Dosdall's new 12-step stashbusting program! In four fun-filled weeks, Aly will give you both the inspiration and the incentives you need (weekly prize giveaways) to transform all those products into actual projects—to finally go from potential idea to finished page.
Each week, you'll get three stashbusting challenges complete with sketches, video tutorials, bonus handouts, free printables, and example layouts from Aly and her hand-picked guest designers.
Are you ready to dig into your brads, use up your buttons, and pull out your paper scraps? Productivity awaits you in Stashbusters Anonymous. (Digital scrapbookers welcome.)


Stashbusters Anonymous is back for another run! This workshop includes:

  • 12 colorful handouts with step-by-step instructions for each challenge
  • 12 challenge prizes (3 per week!)
  • 12 sketches
  • 12 digital layered templates (for digital scrapbookers)
  • 4 bonus handouts
  • 8 video tutorials
  • 4 printable templates, tags, and titles
  • All-new message board to share your thoughts with your classmates
  • All-new private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Class blog
  • Two live chats
  • Email access to Aly
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
To book your place head over to Big Picture Classes - class starts April 10th for 4 weeks 
with a $5 discount on the $40 class fee for a limited time!

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