3 ways to add texture to any card projects by Alicia Giess, Carta Bella

Fabulous article by Jennifer Gallacher over at the Carta Bella website. Here's how designer Alicia Giess adds texture to card projects ...........
"1. Add a pop-up dot: One of my favorite ways to add texture to a project is with a pop-up dot. These make the elements, i.e. stickers, die-cut elements, ribbons, twine, or chipboard, pop right off the project.  I used the adorable “It’s a Celebration” collection and pop up dots to bring the focus on the stickers that I added to the cards.

2. Add fibers like twine: Add just a touch of texture with a double-length cut of twine. Twine tied to a sticker gives it a little more depth and interest.

3. Layer stickers and die cuts: I also add texture by using my die-cut machine to cut a shape out of the cardstock and then adding a sticker on top of the cut-out area for texture.  The 3-dimensional pinwheels also add texture to the card.
c. Carta Bella

Don’t be afraid to make your project pop by experimenting with different texture techniques.  Texture takes a good project and turns it into something fantastic"

Article courtesy of Carta Bella

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