Home made Jam(smith) ripple icecream

Like homemade jam? And ice-cream? I received the perfect recipe to try courtesy of Vicky at Jamsmith. I first blogged about Jamsmith a few months ago here and have since been enjoying two fabulous pots of exotically named homemade jam every month thanks to Jamsmith!


Each month i get my little brown box wrapped in bright twine and inside nestled in some straw are two perfectly filled pots of jam - flavours like Seville, Bourbon & Anise,Hedgerow & Sloe gin,  Bramble, Apple & Bay - I must say it's fast becoming a highlight of the month not to mention making toast much more interesting for breakfast! And no,  I don't share it with the girls - too precious ;)


Anyway, in my last Jamsmith delivery box was a recipe sheet (there's one with every delivery but I hadn't read them before now :( ) and on the recipe sheet was one word that stuck out - ice cream. Well being from a family of ice-cream lovers but not having the patience to hand churn, freeze, whip, repeat, repeat etc etc and never having been one for buying an ice cream maker I was intrigued as to how Vicky's recipe would turn out as the list of ingredients were cream & condensed milk ;) Wow what a combination especially for a 40+ woman with an incredibly sweet (seemingly to her detriment) tooth ;)


So, undeterred by the calories that may be inflicted with each mouthful (it was Christmas after all) I dutifully gathered the girls in the interest of science and we made ice cream ...

Our ingredients - simple but sweet :)

Melting the jam - Blackcurrant, Rhubarb and Sage to be precise ...

Whipping the 600ml double cream & tin of condensed milk then adding the melted jam in my trusty KitchenAid...

 Then freezing for a couple of hours.

And the opinions? They speak for themselves ;)

So thanks Vicky a) for the fabulous jam and b) for the great recipe! I shall take more note of what's in the delivery box in future :) 

Oh and PS A Jamsmith subscription as a treat for yourself or a gift for a friends I am sure would be delightful :)