Crafts, creations & photo life round-up week 3 2014

Here we are in the middle of January already! This morning I'm doing a childrens craft party for 10 and we're making mini albums, decorated pegs, sweet treats and some cards - I'm all packed ready to go but have a moment to quickly show you my life in photos this week ..

Life in photos week 3 2014

We had quite a quiet and routine sort of week after last weekends birthday celebrations but the weather gave some fabulous opportunities for practising my photography skills - I currently take all my photos on my Iphone 4 and am currently studying for a Diploma in Photography which, on completion, I shall reward myself with a new camera (one that i actually know how to get the most out of!). 

There were a few funny moments this week when we found out why our puppy wasn't eating well - he had no front teeth. Then one very early morning coming across my two youngest girls in bed together playing on a tablet and my youngest' s gingerbread face after eating a huge gingerbread man biscuit :)

52 lists
This weeks theme is what I love to do on rainy days.. well seen as I am not a lover of wet days not surprisingly my list this week is a)quite short & b) was quite easy to write!

One Little Word
I've finished my self reflection for this month in my One Little Word project and have made a list of the what my word means to me and ways in which I can invite my word into my life more. As my word is today, this means reminding myself to make today the best day ever (cue One Direction tune ;) and to truly live in the moment. This has partly inspired by life in photos this week as rather than noticing things then moving swiftly on, I've taken time to really have a good look and take real notice and photos as a reminder. 

This weeks crafts & tutorials in case you missed them were:

Have a great weekend & see you next week!