Stampin Up UK Vintage style wine glass lampshades for Thanksgiving & Christmas table settings

A super cute, quick & easy & inexpensive table dressing to start the week off  - these sweet little wine glass lampshades can brighten and dress up any table setting and can be customised to suit the occasion or theme!

Simply take a piece of double sided thick patterned paper - I've used Stampin Up's Modern Medley paper which is a great set of various double sided monochrome designs - and make a cone wide enough at the bottom to slot over a wine or champagne glass, secure the sides then cut the pointy end of the cone off and decorate!

Monochrome is really HOT at the moment and is one of my favourite colour combos for table settings - so clean, elegant & eye catching.

I finished the lampshades with some crochet victoria trim and some silver stampin glass glitter - see a previous post on decorating with stampin glass glitter here.

These little baubles are actually table place settings - they are straight from Jeanne de l'arc my favourite interiors inspiration. The lovely Sue from West Barn Country Interiors pointed me in their direction and I had to have them instantly! 

When your celebration is over, the lampshades simply stack away ready for next time - or I could repurpose them - any ideas?

Stampin Up's modern medley paper, crochet trim & glass glitter can all be found in my online store - why not treat your wine glasses to a lampshade this season :)

See you tomorrow!