DIY pinboard made from recycled table mat photo tutorial

Do you have any old table mats that have seen better days? Breathe new life into into them & turn into a useful notice pin board totally customised to match your style & colourschemes. Here's my step by step photo tutorial ....

Take an old table mat in any condition


Cover it with pretty paper - I've used a sheet of Stampin Up soho subway as I love it's grungey style & colours. Do one side or both if you're feeling extra crafty! Don't forget to leave covering the back until the very end though! 

Measure into thirds and make from one point to another diagonally - you can just see my pencil lines if you look closely!

Use sticky strip along the marked out pencil lines to guide the ribbon - note how  I've cut extra on the ends to wrap over - the ends can be covered by covering the back of the table mat at the end. 

Peel off the sticky strip plastic potective layer about 2" from either end - you don't want to peel off the whole piece & stick your ribbon down otherwise you won't be able to slip anything underneath the ribbons! 

Put your ribbon into place and fold the ends around the back - I've used one of the new Stampin Up ruffle ribbons in Coastal Cabana.

Embellish the points where the ribbons join - I used Frosted Finishes embellishments for their sparkle!

Hope you've enjoyed todays tutorial - have you re-purposed anything lately?