How to make a hand made rolled paper flower wreath home decoration or gift

I'm in the mood for decorating this week!

I found some old half circle solid polystyrene wreaths in the garage and thought they could do with cheering up with my favourite rolled paper flowers and some old ribbon and voila some new decorations!

To make the wreaths, simply wind your favourite ribbon around the polystyrene base covering it and secure at the back with some hot glue or strong adhesive

Then cut different size squares of paper for your flowers. Taking each square in turn cut a spiral into it - some with straight edges and some with wavy edges for variety.

Then starting at the end of the spiral start to roll the paper over and over until you get to the centre of the spiral which you can tuck underneath and glue to make a base. 

Gently let the spiral unfurl to make your flowers! 

Here they are in situ  ...

Have you re-purposed any garage finds lately?