Easy 8 point checklist to ensure your new craft product creations will actually sell!

When we craft we pour our hearts, souls, aspirations, hopes & dreams into our creations. They are a small part of us sent out into the world with love to be adopted and cared for by appreciative customers. 

Sometimes, it seems as though what we're making isn't what others are desiring. 

Here's a handy checklist you can bear in mind to ensure there'll be an loving home for your creations to go to...

1. Is your creation on trend, in vogue, up with fashion? Fashion trends change all the time and are heavily influenced by the media, celebrities, television and culture. To stand the best chance of creating products that sell pay heed to predicted hot colours, trends, styles, ethics & beliefs that are resonating with potential customers.

2. Can you market and promote it effectively? Clear, professional photographs, simple & clear descriptions outlining how the product benefits buyers, clear pricing strategies and innovative & timely methods of communicating the products existence are all imperative to get right to attract the right attention. Confused buyers simply do not buy!

3. Is it an original idea or a copy of someone else's work? If original, your creation provides uniqueness and a sense of fulfilling core feelings and desires within your customers. Your creation has an inbuilt passion that only handmade with love can create. If it looks like every other creation in the marketplace, think why would a customer wish to buy it and ensure this is translated in your sales message. Be realistic on your sales projection numbers - you an't be all things to all people all of the time.

4. Does it fit with your existing brand and image? Potential & existing customers view you as a maker ass representing a certain look, image or style. Does your new product fit in their expectations of you and your brand? Think about your audience and what they want from you first. 

5. Are you willing to put the time & effort into marketing your new product? Long gone are the days when you could put it on your website, shop front, online store and it would just sell itself. You need to actively, consistently & patiently build your audience for your product, sell it based on how it benefits buyers, tell potential customers how it will solve their problems or address their fears, reassure them how they're likely to feel once they've purchased it and how you're going to reward their loyalty after purchase.

6. Is your creation actually what people want? Knowing your buyers is fundamental to achieving sales. Do you know what they like, where they buy, how they buy,  what they buy, what are their interests, what budgets they operate to, their tastes, styles, preferred colours, how they dress, what do they want to achieve when buying? Build the answers to these questions into your creation process and you'll have more chance of a winning product.

7. Can you leverage social proof into persuading others to buy? Any great testimonials from customers who've already purchased the product or similar products from you? Use them! Recommendations are still the #1 method people rely on when selecting who to buy from. If you're unsure of how to get great testimonials read my article on

8. Where are your potential customers in the sales process? Although they may not buy this time, this product, you may be slowly and surely working your magic on them to purchase at a later date. Don't be disheartened if sales are slower than you want them to be, it may just be a case of building your like, know, trust factor more before they're ready to make the purchase.