How solving your customers problems is key to boosting your craft, creative & handmade business marketing & sales success

Think about it. What compels YOU to buy in a certain store, visit a certain place, eat a certain food, follow a certain cause, read certain materials? 

Answer: because the store/place/materials/food/cause gives you something you need back in exchange for your time and effort. It solves a problem for you. You may get a feeling of fulfilment, joy, acceptance, comfort, understanding, empathy, value or to just feel plain old good about yourself - problem solved.

So you return again and again to get your fix.

Now turn to your craft, creative or handmade business and apply the same concept - what problems do solve for those who visit your craft business website, blog, social media page, online shop or who you meet in person? What could attract them to you in the first place? What do you offer them that they haven't seen before or can get elsewhere? How do you solve their problems?

For example, this site offers simple, easy & free marketing & sales tips specifically to help crafters, creatives & handmakers boost their business success from an experienced and long standing craft marketing specialist. It solves the problem of easily accessible, simple, reputable, trustworthy & free information to help crafters, creatives & handmakers sort their marketing out. 

I also give away a free e-book with 50 quick, simple & easy marketing & sales tips that can kickstart a business that's flagging as a thank you for taking the time and trouble to visit my site, ask for updates and give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Although not unique, it's unusual to solve problems or give away so much for free and not expect anything in return.

So what could you give to keep your visitors coming back to your site or store for more? A free tutorial? A promotional offer? A chance to win? A book of tips? A free product? What would they like best? 

Solve these problems and you've made appreciative customers for life.