Our recent survey results are in! Take a look at what you told us ...

Thank you to all our wonderful readers who took part in the recent Scrapbook, papercraft, journaling and cardmaking survey! 
Thank you awesome ladies for ALL of the lovely pins to this Board ♥ You guys continue to outdo yourselves here, and that means you guys ROCK!!  Thank you!

The results are in and we've notified by email the three winners of the stash prizes :) We're sorry we cannot reveal the winners names here but we pledge utmost confidentiality to our readers :) Surprisingly a large number of respondents didn't leave a contact email address to stand a chance of winning!

We're now working hard to meet your requests and bring you 

  • more free offers & giveaways
  • more tutorials, tips, techniques
  • more stockist information
  • UK scrapbook & cardmaking monthly kit clubs
  • crafting events
  • reviews & opinions on new releases

Some interesting survey facts:

  • The majority of respondents are scrapbookers closely followed by cardmakers 
  • Most respondents founds us via search engines or social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • You feel our website ranks above average for ease of navigation, content, layout/design & meeting your needs 
  • You are avid consumers of papercraft pubclications with many of you subscribing to one or more magazines!
  • You want us to stay UK focused!!
And lastly .... we have some big news to announce ready for the Autumn! You've asked for it and we've listened! Watch this space for forthcoming sneak previews ;)

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