Party hard to attract new customers, make more sales & boost your biz!

You've spent time creating, promoting and communicating with your customers - how about inviting them to join you in the same place at the same time for an online shopping party?

I love shopping vector image

You can leverage most social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Google + - to create an event and invite all your contacts, likers, fans & followers to join you at a set time & date to see your latest products or services. Ask them to bring a friend too!

Tempt them to join with an offer they can't refuse - a discount, freebie or loyalty reward. 

Then simply start the conversation, get people engaging, make it fun (think girls night in!) and promote your products with great photos, interesting descriptions and how to easily order. 

Throw in a few prizes along the way, some questions to get your audience interacting and enjoy!

#45 Host an fun online shopping evening party to get your 
audience engaging, having fun & buying!