5 confidence boosting tips your craft, handmade & creative business will love you for

We all have times when we face the dreaded confidence or creative block. 

Those days when inspiration, ideas, mojo, creative juice or enthusiasm escapes us.

How often have you become frustrated, disheartened or felt that you're not confident or creative? 

Creative light bulb vector illustration

I've been creating and crafting for 20+ years in various guises and have hit upon creative block many times to the point I even gave up creating for a time as I felt I was just no good at it. 

But I missed creating and couldn't find any other outlet for my thoughts and feelings that suited me as well as creating and crafting. 

If you can identify with this, then here's 5 confidence boosting tips you and your creative business are going to love...

1. Creativity takes courage. Remind yourself that putting your self expression out into the world is brave. Congratulate yourself on being so.

2. Positivity creates confidence. If you think your work is no good, you're not inspiring others to think any other way either. How can you expect others to invest in your creative work if even you don't think it adds value or is worth it? Focus on all the good your creativity brings about. What's the worse that can happen?

3. Self expression is the latest shiny new thing. It's widely predicted that the human race is moving into a period of self expression, self development and self reliance and away from the acquisition of material wealth. So be among the trail blazers, ahead of the game and take pride in already being in touch with your inner self.

4. Practice makes perfect. Creativity doesn't always come naturally but can be learned. Practice your craft, your art, your method of expression. Everyone has to start somewhere and we were all beginners once. Creativity isn't just about art - it's about being able to express the real you to the outside world. Be consistent and persistent. The more you practice the better you will become.

5. Find your own particular brand of creativity. Whether it's being artistic, musical, entrepreneurial, visionary, mindfulness, inspiring, experimental - it's all good. No one size fits all. Don't imitate, be authentic and true to yourself. Be proud of your uniqueness - nobody else on this earth can do creativity like you can!

#44 Confidence in your own creativity comes from courage, positivity, self worth, practice and authenticity. Practice makes perfect.