Top 10 tips on taking a break from your creative craft business

We've all been there. Long nights, early starts. Weekends spent working rather than out in the sunshine. Going to bed exhausted, waking up more so. Wondering, thinking, testing, researching, reading, worrying. Being all consumed with your business isn't fun. 

It doesn't make you or your life fun. Being totally devoted and focused on your business is laudable. Just not 24, 7, 365 to the detriment of your family, friends, hobbies and interests. 

It's easy to think we're so integral to the success of our business that it couldn't possibly cope without you. But that's not the truth. We all need a break. The world will not end just because we take a breather to recharge our batteries, our creativity, our passion & our focus. 

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#26 My top ten tips for taking a break from your business

  1.  Automate your social media status updates in advance using tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite & other online automation tools
  2. Let your customers know you will be taking a well earned break and when you will return. If necessary, advise them that you won't be taking phone calls only emergency emails whilst you are away - this enables you to set the boundaries & put you in control of when & how you work if you absolutely need to.
  3. Schedule pre-written blog posts & website updates to automatically publish whilst you are away
  4. Give notice of when you will be leaving & when you will be returning well in advance
  5. If at all possible, ask a co-worker, friend to quickly check out your business every so often to ensure there are no emergencies you should be aware of
  6. If you take orders for products, ensure your customers are aware of your revised delivery schedules and accept them
  7. Thank your customers for their understanding & patience both before you go and when you return
  8. If you really cant resist and need to check in with your business then schedule to do so at a set time each day as opposed to constantly throughout the day
  9. Understand how beneficial & restorative taking a break is for you in terms of your health, sanity & stress levels. And how much your family will appreciate it.
  10. Enjoy your holiday! It may be the only break you take all year or even for several years - don't let your business allow you return home regretting you didn't relax, rejuvenate and enjoy yourself.