5 quick & easy keyword tips to boost you craft business search engine rankings

We all want as many potential customers as possible to see, read and cherish our blog or website content and messages.

Although the trend has changed from blatantly stuffing your site content full of relevant keywords & hoping search engines would rank you higher to a now more gentile & refined approach, it's still important to ensure your content reflects & includes the relevant key words that your ideal customers would type into a search engine search box.

Here's 5 quick & easy tips I've learnt on writing SEO optimised content

1. Think long and hard about what your ideal customers will be typing into search engine search boxes
2. BLEND these words, phrases and concepts into your content copy as naturally as you can
3. Ensure you name your images by the same method
4. Name your blog & website labels strategically
5. Include your keywords in your post titles, first sentences and post tags

and lastly ...

6. If you're concerned that you're not doing your best to optimise your content .. hire a copywriter

#31 Use keywords to optimise your content for search engines